It’s been a year since I wrote something on this site. I wish I had taken a different approach and planned a bit more on what to write. But this, being a personal blog and all it’s clear you are your #1 fan out there and you do everything to invite others to take a peek at it; I’m not much of a fan of my own content as I’m not a decent writer, it’s a mixed feeling.

From year to year I can’t count all the times I’ve talked myself into a reboot or played with the idea of promoting a reboot of this site. But to who? Who’s the core audience? Programmers, anime fans, manga lovers, pet lovers? I don’t know, I doubt I can reach the many out there filling those segments because what I write is not that appealing, or rather, I don’t find it appealing thus I assume it’s not.

How many times can I reboot an idea, a desire? Possibly many times.

My opinion on things isn’t worth anybody’s time which is why I’m so troubled with keeping this site alive or let it expire and probably be bought back by spammers.

To spare you all the negativity, I’m in the process of evaluating what to do with this site. I know out there I still receive many clicks from linux communities so I’m keeping some guides up along with the binaries I’ve compiled.

I’m hoping to decide soon on how to proceed, hopefully it’ll lead to having fun and meeting people with the same interest.

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