Ubuntu 14.10 privacy issues

There’s something that has been bothering me over the last three weeks. The default permissions offered by Ubuntu are incredibly permissive and anyone sharing a computer or laptop wanting to have some privacy is screwed by it.

How is it that a relative of mine can just enter my /home folder, snatch whatever file and do whatever he/she wants with it?

The notion itself is crazy, and I don’t know why Canonical haven’t addressed it. In a multiuser environment no one should read/write anything.

This is something OpenSUSE got right, something that Fedora also got right (as far as I remember). But Ubuntu? far from it.

I hope that someday they attend the issue; and yes, I realize I can tweak a few settings and chmod my home folder but that doesn’t make the fact that there is a privacy issue going on.

The key here is that average users have a right for privacy, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Thoughts on migrating from Pelican to Ghost blogging platform

Thoughts on migrating from Pelican to Ghost blogging platform

Finally, it took me a whole day to do the full migration but I’m finally back. I’m very much glad that this is over; I shudder at the thought of having more than 400 posts and needing to migrate to other blog/CMS system as it’s a very ardeous task in general, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

Thoughts on Pelican

To those who don’t know Pelican is a static site generator. Recently I posted a few days ago that static site generators sucks in general and it has much to do with the fact that it doesn’t solve anything. It devolves to the idea that just writing markup formats such as Markdown and Textile is okay rather than making a better blogging software. When it comes to managing your posts, updating them or adding assets it dawns on you that maybe it wasn’t a great idea.

Ghost isn’t so bad in the resource consumption department. I have set up nginx and both combined just works quite well. Personally? I didn’t want to deal with WordPress either.

Pelican documentation for users and developers isn’t that good. It made the whole migration harder as I had to poke through every little class to know what I’m dealing with. There is even a broken signal that should have sufficed for this export called all_generators_finalized; sadly I never got to use it because Pelican doesn’t recognize it.

Thus, all in all a simple task became a time sucker–although let be honest, programming in general is time consuming.


Thoughts on migrating from Pelican to Ghost blogging platform

My little script only exports articles right now. I guess I should say that I only created it out of need, not because there’s demand. The exporter will create a file in the folder you decided to place Pelican base folder, for example mine is in /home/david/Projects/websites/dgzen and that’s where Pelican runs and create all the necessary files for it to sync it to the server.

So using that path the json dump is created in /home/david/Projects/websites/dgzen/ghost_export/pelican2ghost.json. Not hard to find, huh?

After you get the generated json file it’s time to go to your Ghost installation, and go to the Labs section http://my-panini-blog/ghost/settings/labs/.

Import the data, and that’s it.

As for any migration you have to take care of your assets (images, archives, etc).

One of the nuisances of importing to Ghost is that it doesn’t really throw errors or anything. It’s pretty much a “YUMMY! DATA, MUCH MUNCH. YUM YUM!” and it does so in a way that it would throw this message:

Cannot call method ‘replace’ of undefined

I guess my first reaction was: “I wonder if Ghost’s import method is broken…?”

It ended up being the fact that it was lacking the markdown key in the “posts” collection. I guess I should be thankful for my gut feeling.

Ghost also has a very interesting bug that when you export everything is scrambled in the content page All posts side panel. One might think they are sorting by date…. I don’t know why it’s not sorted by date.

Moving on

That’s it from me. I haven’t changed Ghost themes yet. I feel “safer” that it’s using SQLite as its backend so I don’t have to deal with dozens of markdown files.

I’ll be uploading the script today on Github. I’ll post about it when it becomes available.

April is here, so what’s new?

So recently I’ve been pondering on why is there’s such an overabundance of static site generators lately. I know it’s a trend I’ve been sucked into like an idiot.

So here’s the thing. For what it’s worth, static site generators are not the answer. I learned this in a slow, painful way.

I’m going to open this post with that: static site generators sucks in general. If you are doing pure writing, then yes, maybe, just maybe it’s the answer for you. Except, there’s no actual gain. Sure, you can tweak it here and there, that’s pretty much a feature most modern blogging tools provides you.

In truth, there’s no reason to use a generator. It won’t make you smarter, or increase your skills ten folds by using one. Maybe it might boost your ego a bit because you are using something average people don’t use.

So I’ll be moving this blog to a dynamic blogging platform. It might be wordpress, or text pattern, or Ghost. I’m still deciding which one.

As for the tone, my bad but I’d rather let people know how I feel sometimes about tools.

Now that that’s been said I had to stop Where’s my package Indicator development as the more I dug the more I became aware that the APIs offered were a different type of beast.

I have to do a few arrangements to prepare this site to migrate to whatever blogging platform I choose and that means handling assets is going to be a pain.

I’ve some ideas cooking as well, my quest on learning C++ hasn’t stopped either so we are good in that area.

Finally, my first e-ink reader!

So, please close to me know that I’m not exactly made out of buck. I may be working my buttocks off studying and planning ahead to leave the place I live. I don’t have all the priviledges that many people have. Heck, even the hosting I’m on, which is DigitalOcean, runs on a server paid by a $100 voucher granted by Github Student Pack.

And I am thankful for that. I’m not some big shot develop earning $120 bucks per hour, neither do I live in a place where the job market is in a healthy state for programmers, plus here they’ll just ask you to be a jack of all trades. Don’t know something called “Angular”, too bad!

You just learn to value things, I guess. Being constantly short on money is quite something.

Anyway, I was able to afford my first NOOK Simple Touch. Proudly bought on eBay used and recertified. The whole e-ink technology fascinate me a lot.

Simple Touch

I’m still wondering which ebooks I should load it with first. Hopefully I’ll pick 2-3 books for this month and try to finish them.

That said, I’ve been extremely happy with it. I actually have been reading a short book and while it’s not the most responsive device ever, it sure knows how to impress me with its font rendering and screen in general.