Too many reboots

It’s been a year since I wrote something on this site. I wish I had taken a different approach and planned a bit more on what to write. But this, being a personal blog and all it’s clear you are your #1 fan out there and you do everything to invite others to take a peek at it; I’m not much of a fan of my own content as I’m not a decent writer, it’s a mixed feeling.

From year to year I can’t count all the times I’ve talked myself into a reboot or played with the idea of promoting a reboot of this site. But to who? Who’s the core audience? Programmers, anime fans, manga lovers, pet lovers? I don’t know, I doubt I can reach the many out there filling those segments because what I write is not that appealing, or rather, I don’t find it appealing thus I assume it’s not.

How many times can I reboot an idea, a desire? Possibly many times.

My opinion on things isn’t worth anybody’s time which is why I’m so troubled with keeping this site alive or let it expire and probably be bought back by spammers.

To spare you all the negativity, I’m in the process of evaluating what to do with this site. I know out there I still receive many clicks from linux communities so I’m keeping some guides up along with the binaries I’ve compiled.

I’m hoping to decide soon on how to proceed, hopefully it’ll lead to having fun and meeting people with the same interest.

A new pet project: Moving this site to drupal

I’ve been looking into moving this blog to Drupal 8. I feel like Drupal provides some things that I’ve wanted out of wordpress, starting with the popular Views module, and other modules that makes managing taxonomies, paths, content easier. That and the capability of adding fields to a content type (let’s say blog entry).

Right now there’s currently no way to import WordPress into Drupal 8 as the developer working on the module hasn’t finished it yet.

Why not extend WordPress?

Quite honestly? It’s a lot of work to do what I want. Drupal 8 interface has improved a lot, in comparison to Drupal 7 it’s quite refreshing to see. All this said, I hope WordPress migrate module is ready for action soon.

Looking for a new home

Recently received an e-mail by Digital Ocean that they will be removing the credits soon so that they can re-purpose the servers. The decision mostly affects students (like me), so soon enough I will be making a backup of the compressed archives I have published here. As for this blog? I’m not sure where to put it… I certainly don’t have the money to put out there right now just for one blog.


If by any chance you click whatever github link related to my account I have to say that I’ve removed myself from Github and now use BitBucket as my go-to needs for “backing up” and collaborating. There’s also GitLab but I have found that their interface and site is so… so slow, compared to BitBucket.

Translator available

I had to remove Bing translator… not because it’s bad but because the widget sucks so much. If a user uses the widget Bing provided on the following visit he/she will get a floating box and that box would hinder the experience of the user, the box pretty much follows you anywhere. I prefer Google’s dropdown as you just select it and it doesn’t become intrusive.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 13:11:59


The quickest way (at the moment) of importing your Ghost blog to WordPress

To commemorate my sudden switch to WordPress I’ll give you a small hint on how to get your data exported rapidly through RSS.

All you need to do is open is edit [GHOST FOLDER]/core/server/models/post.js look for the text // Set default settings for options, you will see the limit is set to 15, alter that to “900000”.

Restart ghost server, go to your site and save as the feed. You will notice all your posts are there.

There’s a gotcha: No images will be imported (of course, this is a RSS file after all) and no tags will be imported (sounds fishy on behalf of RSS importer, maybe a bug). As to why I did it… well, let’s say I wasn’t satisfied with Ghost and its dashboard leaves more to be desired. I wasn’t planning to spend the next hours writing an importer because honestly I don’t have many posts, and the hours spent wasn’t going to cut it either.

Domain change.

Like I’ve mentioned in plenty of posts, the domain change has now taken place. Nothing has changed as I’ve assured that remains relevant to wget users.

Content remains the same. If a link doesn’t work just shoot me an e-mail. It’s in the about me page!

Personal growth, site fixes, and my new project

There are a few things that I’ve been meaning to talk about over this month. I’ve two or three drafts that I’ve to revise before posting as it contains certain subjects regarding the linux community. It’s more of a matter to neutralize the language and choice of words. Personally, I’m not a fan of sugar coating, sadly I know that sometimes people just read one line and they are already writing an essay on how wrong I am.

That’s not the case today, thanks god!

Personal growth is something I’ve been meaning to take care of. It’s been one of my goals to socialize and know more about people I meet. If you know me at a personal you’ll see that I’m more of a straight arrow, especially at work. You bark the orders and I’ll follow them without looking right or left.

Toning down the participation in internet communities have allowed me to relax and focus on myself rather than wasting time on useless debates on how to handle corner cases, or which is the best editor. I no longer have the patience to sit down and write long paragraphs sharing my views with other people online; I’d rather have a talk in person which is more enjoyable than seeing a person trying to prove he or she is smart while slamming programming languages such as PHP, or whatever library as a method to find friends or colleagues.

I’ve stopped caring about stuff. I don’t want to meet you if all you do is:

  • being negative all the time
  • slamming frameworks, and other methodologies because it’s the popular thing to do
  • always looking to be right rather than being human. I’m not sure about you, let’s say you are right for a second, what exactly did you win? Pretty sure it’s not the lottery.

Every day I’m feeling better, and more capable of taking on issues. My goal this summer is to be less critical, and be more understanding when it comes to people’s issues. I know not everyone has thick skin and I’ve made a few mistakes in life that might have made some people feel awful.

Don’t get me wrong. I also do it because I want them to see the other side of the coin.

Site fixes!

I wrote a small code to fix Ghost blogging platform database. I had this problem where all posts were scrambled in Ghost content section. The issue happened because updated_at field in the database had NULL value in them, thus EmberJS didn’t handle them gracefully.

I’ll submit the fix I did after this post.

My new project

So basically, I know I’ve said in the past that I’ve been looking for open source projects to contribute code. Sadly I didn’t find any project that was interesting for me. Even LibreOffice became a chore rather than something to look forward to.

This project is a productivity tool that helps the user reduce the tasks of file handling greatly and gets you organized in no time. I did the first commit today after 3 weeks of brainstorming day and night.

This has taken a great deal of my time mostly because not being a C++ developer means that I’ve to learn the language and the libraries available to do things. And the idea being “unique” meant that I had to put extra time and effort to come up with a decent workflow.

A workflow is, in my opinion, one of the most important things in this application. Which is why I’ve been analyzing each use-case and making sure that the user receives the best experience ever.

We’ll see how things go from here.

Even if it fails, so what? I got from it a lot of knowledge that I can now put to use in the real world.