Site Update – 2015-02-13

I spent this friday cleaning up the theme. I’m overly pleased on all the changes that have been done today. The site should provide useful metadata to crawlers, and of course it’ll be making it easier for results to become revelant. Quite nice, right?

I have yet to write more articles for my blog. Ultimately, I don’t want to just write guides for WINE, or make small posts of little progress. That’s what I’d love to say, sadly my time is limited; even simple cleanup tasks like the one I did today took a few hours to complete. This is simply because initially the theme I’m using was for Movable Type and I ported it to Pelican so yea, it was meant to be messy.

Good news? Nuja is closing in for a release. So if you are a Pelican user, be on the look out!

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