Google Hates Blogs?

As of late I’ve been noticing that a lot of blog posts are not appearing in Google. A similar behavior was found by Marco Arment. Sure, my blog isn’t really the most relevant piece of journal in the internet.

Amusingly, I think the crawlers are doing their job. However, what goes on their results is being filtered. For example, all the tags pages (linux, programming, etc) have been thoroughly indexed by Google. Only ONE article I have written made it to the index. It could simply be a rule set to withhold any of the following URI [site]/posts/* where posts already determines the resource is in fact a blog post.

In a related note, I don’t know if I’m crazy but in the past you could actually search blogs. It was one of my favorite features from Google as you could really find a lot of educational material that websites couldn’t provide.

Will this keep me from writing posts? Not really. I’m not popular now, and I will not be popular in the future. Even if I was popular, I don’t think people should write to appear in a search engine. It kills the very notion of why weblogs exists in the first place, pretty sure it’s not for SEO or anything related to search engines.

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