Samba, why are you so awful?

If you have ever had the privilege of working with samba you must know that it’s one of the most rage-inducing software available in linux. To us the casual users of it. I’ve been wanting to share data back to my netbook. So one of the reasons I chose Ubuntu was because everything is easy… Continue reading Samba, why are you so awful?

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GPG keys updated

I’ve updated my GPG keys. I’ve been dealing with a case of losing my secret keys and therefore I can’t retrieve my old keys or do anything with them, I can’t even revoke them if I wanted to (as far as I know). I ended up generating a new pair of keys, this time I… Continue reading GPG keys updated

Ubuntu, you look wonderful!

I’ll probably disappoint plenty openSUSE fans with this post. Yes, I’ve ditched openSUSE in favor of Ubuntu, and I’d like to believe my reasons are sound. { .center } I had problems with openSUSE, mostly with their rolling release which inexplicably I had to spend a lot of time dealing with buggy packages, in comparison… Continue reading Ubuntu, you look wonderful!

Why asking is annoying

I find that asking people for help has become an incredibly tedious task given the answers are so opinionated, and warmly unwelcome. You, and me? We want answers. Not your half-assed opinion on why you believe you shouldn’t obfuscate code, or getting questioned why you are implementing DRM. See, I saw StackOverflow as that site… Continue reading Why asking is annoying