Why asking is annoying

I find that asking people for help has become an incredibly tedious task given the answers are so opinionated, and warmly unwelcome.

You, and me? We want answers. Not your half-assed opinion on why you believe you shouldn’t obfuscate code, or getting questioned why you are implementing DRM. See, I saw StackOverflow as that site to learn and satisfy that hunger on how things get done. What we get in exchange (no pun intended) is a soap opera of morals.

Taboo questions are not allowed. It’s like throwing out the purpose of StackOverflow usefulness. You have a question, if you don’t have an answer then don’t leave a comment.

I know, I sound a bit abrasive but I’m not really mad; annoyed would be the right word, I guess.

I didn’t plan to use StackOverflow as an example. However the more I thought about it the more I realize that it was actually a perfect example on why asking is incredibly annoying.

So you get all these opinions, you are scratching your head why people think it’s okay to flood your question with comments instead of you know, giving an answer.

Plenty of people want to get the word out there and show how smart they are. Or make a taboo question like a soap opera to the point that the it becomes too controversial and the moderator has to close it with all the mundane comments.

Have we fallen into a trend?

Have we? I hope not, sadly I think we have. It’s not rare, especially in mailing lists such as Debian that whenever someone asks something there’s this flood of people saying leaving incredibly off-topic comments in the subject:

“Oh, why use that? You should use XXX software.” – random joe

“Why use that bloatware in the first place? You know what you should install Arch Linux” – random joe (I just wanted to poke the fun in Arch Linux users though, whenever someone asks which distribution a user should use everyone turn their heads and say “GO USE ARCH LINUX!” hopefully their mouth aren’t foaming in crazy.)

“Hey, can you install the debug packages? I couldn’t reproduce it here so I need to coordinate with you to fix the problem” – Developer of XXX software, his comment never reaches the recipient as he/she has given up.

And this trend has to end. There’s a fine line between having opinions on a matter and keeping quiet about it and sabotaging a whole question thread because you didn’t like what you heard. It’s childish.

The internet has gotten louder, and quite frankly way too annoying.

Yes. I’d like to say it’s a good thing, but it isn’t. Comment sections has gotten worse than they were. A lot of people out there want to prove to the world that they are right on the subject.

Discussion never takes place. I think somewhere moderators are just drinking scotch/whiskey silently weeping in bed in the hopes that someday there’s actual discussion and not an ego fight.

Which is why ultimately we become arrogant bastards

I’ll admit a lot of things I say and how I word it comes off as arrogant. This is done deliberately. I’m telling you that, “I will stick to my guns no matter how much you cry your lungs out”. And it’s not a matter of becoming someone impossible to deal with; it’s far from that. If I want an opinion I would create a thread with the respective tone that I want to discuss said topic. If I’m looking for answers, then I want answers and that means not your opinion.

And this get people a lot. Citing Linus Torvalds: “This ‘you have to be nice’ seems very popular in the US”. Nothing personal, I actually didn’t want to bring nationalities to this post, but it must be done.

I think I have said enough. Asking about things have gotten way too tedious, every corner has a person waiting to give your a comment instead of an answer. Your wish to improve in the programming language of your choosing is a road full of noise.

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” get some earplugs to block that noise.

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