Ubuntu, you look wonderful!

I’ll probably disappoint plenty openSUSE fans with this post. Yes, I’ve ditched openSUSE in favor of Ubuntu, and I’d like to believe my reasons are sound.

Ubuntu 14.10{ .center }
I had problems with openSUSE, mostly with their rolling release which inexplicably I had to spend a lot of time dealing with buggy packages, in comparison to Arch Linux which is surprising… but well, this post isn’t about pointing the flaws of openSUSE, or any rolling release distribution.

In a nutshell:

  • Plenty of unstable packages
  • Dependency hell (this one annoyed the living hell out of me)
  • And most importantly, zypper ended up frustrating me. I know a person who told me zypper is faster than apt. I’m scratching my head wondering what was he smoking. At the very least, zypper is one of the slowest package manager I’ve used in my life. yum is pretty fast in comparison, pacman remains the fastest.

And I wasn’t happy with all the friction I had to deal with in openSUSE. Enough of openSUSE, let’s talk Ubuntu.

So, I should let you know that I haven’t touched Ubuntu’s main flagship in years. I also should tell you that my heart belongs to Debian and its based distros which is why I feel five times more comfortable using Ubuntu.

I am enjoying the Unity experience. I’ve heard a lot of “awful experiences” from users, I gotta give it to the Ubuntu team: Ubuntu 14.10 is fantastic.

In terms of getting everything running, due to my knowledge of Debian and its packages in less than two hours I was up and running with all my development applications. That’s really, really fast!

Everything works. The pain of setting Spotify is gone, the pain of dealing with fonts is gone.

I’m a DIY (Do it yourself) guy. I don’t like getting spoonfed, however this type of spoon I love. The whole Ubuntu is “bloated” is itself a fallacy probably chanted by neckbeards or zealots who, in my opinion forgets the main purpose of Ubuntu.

And I gotta say, after learning the little shortcuts of Unity and setting up hotcorners for fast access I’m all set.

I wasn’t planning to jump ship to Ubuntu. Yesterday I just got fed up on dealing with openSUSE. It was time to jump ship. I frankly never expected Ubuntu be this refreshing to use.

Ubuntu 14.10 using Nemo with Unity patches{ .center }

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