Finally, my first e-ink reader!

So, please close to me know that I’m not exactly made out of buck. I may be working my buttocks off studying and planning ahead to leave the place I live. I don’t have all the priviledges that many people have. Heck, even the hosting I’m on, which is DigitalOcean, runs on a server paid by a $100 voucher granted by Github Student Pack.

And I am thankful for that. I’m not some big shot develop earning $120 bucks per hour, neither do I live in a place where the job market is in a healthy state for programmers, plus here they’ll just ask you to be a jack of all trades. Don’t know something called “Angular”, too bad!

You just learn to value things, I guess. Being constantly short on money is quite something.

Anyway, I was able to afford my first NOOK Simple Touch. Proudly bought on eBay used and recertified. The whole e-ink technology fascinate me a lot.

Simple Touch

I’m still wondering which ebooks I should load it with first. Hopefully I’ll pick 2-3 books for this month and try to finish them.

That said, I’ve been extremely happy with it. I actually have been reading a short book and while it’s not the most responsive device ever, it sure knows how to impress me with its font rendering and screen in general.

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