GPG keys updated

I’ve updated my GPG keys. I’ve been dealing with a case of losing my secret keys and therefore I can’t retrieve my old keys or do anything with them, I can’t even revoke them if I wanted to (as far as I know).

I ended up generating a new pair of keys, this time I just backed up .gnugp and export the secret keys in hope that if I lose them in transition to another distribution I’ll have it restored in no time.

And yes, I DID back up my old keys. For some reason I could list my keys, but I couldn’t list my secret keys. I only had my public keys.

This doesn’t mean much to people in a way. However, if you have been downloading WINE binaries from my server and you are a responsible person (unlike me 🙁 ) then there’s a high chance you’ve been validating my signatures against the archives I’ve uploaded.

I don’t think my keys have synchronized with the public key servers. Anyway the key ID is now 4B505975.

gpg --keyserver [the keyserver] --recv-keys 4B505975

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