Looking for projects to contribute

I guess you could say that this blog has become my little diary to write about my C++ adventures. There’s still a lot to learn; and I think it’s time to get my hands dirty by fixing bugs from other OSS/FLOSS software.

Fun with CPP

Initially my intentions were to contribute to the LibreOffice project, I haven’t forgotten about that. Sadly I need to get the hang of C++ before doing any sort of meaningful contribution.

I’ve been browsing through Github projects to see if there’s a C++ project I could contribute but nothing has piqued my interested.

Fun with CPP 2

As for the images. That’s just me toying around, we’ll see how things go from here. I still need to finish reading Accelerated C++, which I’m not really that far from the end.

If you have any suggestions on which project I should contribute let me know.

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