Hello, Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)!

Hey! I haven’t done much on my end these days. I’m almost done with this trimester and I have to take care of my finals first than dabble in code. I do plan on keeping my little journal writing my progress and all.

Anyway, I upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04 (from 14.10). What can I say? I like to live dangerously. It was sort of rough mostly because there’s a bit of a priority problem, somehow some packages requires systemd to be installed but for some reason apt didn’t detect that small priority. Which is weird, but whatever I just did a apt-get install systemd systemd-sysv and it set up all the packages needing it.

I knew that the dist-upgrade wasn’t done though. I expected a total of 2 hours for my desktop to finish upgrading. I called apt-get dist-upgrade once again and off it went unpackaging everything it could.

So while I waited I played Triple Town which is a little casual game. And since I suffer from insomnia it’s pretty much a good time killer.

Triple Town

I guess I should add a side note that I don’t like mixing posts between programming and gaming because I feel like they shouldn’t be mixed. I also don’t like to pretend I’m some sort of guy that the only thing I talk is programming programming programming thus I prefer to just talk about anything I want. I guess a balance is in order. I like playing games and I also like to talk code. I’ve always felt that I can’t talk about both in a single blog…

Anyway, back on topic. So after the installation Ubuntu booted up quite swiftly and it resolved some of my headaches like CUPS randomly not starting. Now, I’ve warmed up towards systemd and I think it’s a really good init system. I also find the service files to be incredibly easy to manage in comparision to the old init system (pure shell scripts) and upstart.

After installation

Now, I’m not really sysadmin material. I’m both a normal user and developer so frankly I’m sure sysadmins have their own opinions about it.


To those wondering after the upgrade the system has been rock solid and I’ve yet to find weird funky business happening to my desktop. The first thing I did after installation was installing nvidia-346-updates to finally get rid of some issues I had while playing Bioshock Infinite, which it worked. (mostly tearing, how ironic, huh?)

I feel like Ubuntu Unity has to evolve at some point. I don’t know about you guys but while I think that Unity is decent it feels like a when you visit Dash there’s this stale look that doesn’t provide anything useful to the user.

GNOME 3.14 and Plasma 5 are looking fantastic. GNOME being the desktop environment that I would tread carefully because last time I just ended up going back to KDE after 12 hours of installing it. Plasma 5 is still rough around the corners so I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone until the work out the kinks.

The stability of Ubuntu with Unity is great so far. The memory usage after logging is around 600-668mb which isn’t so bad.


Files (GNOME file manager) still needs to become functional again. I still don’t feel comfortable using it, in my opinion Dolphin (KDE’s file manager) remains to be one of the best file managers I’ve ever used and it’s actually quick loading files, unlike Files. (Oh, and please for the love of god bring back Compact View. Sometimes I question everything GNOME “design team” do…)

So there you go, Ubuntu 15.04 is looking up to be quite a hell of a release. Look forward to upgrade your Ubuntu machine!

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