Samba, why are you so awful?

If you have ever had the privilege of working with samba you must know that it’s one of the most rage-inducing software available in linux. To us the casual users of it.

I’ve been wanting to share data back to my netbook. So one of the reasons I chose Ubuntu was because everything is easy to set up, right? Well, I guess Ubuntu 15.04 samba is still a nightmare.

It doesn’t make me happy that while I google the notification I get there’s an insane amount of posts regarding samba.

Why in 2015 do we still have samba troubles? Heck, my configuration file is incredibly straightforward, and yet I have to waste 2-3 hours of my life fighting with inane notifications.

Thing is, if I go to samba mailing list most veterants will go “it works for me”, or “that’s weird last time I used it worked”.

I guess I’ll go ahead and set up a NFS, at least setting it up doesn’t have any tricks.

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