April is here, so what’s new?

So recently I’ve been pondering on why is there’s such an overabundance of static site generators lately. I know it’s a trend I’ve been sucked into like an idiot.

So here’s the thing. For what it’s worth, static site generators are not the answer. I learned this in a slow, painful way.

I’m going to open this post with that: static site generators sucks in general. If you are doing pure writing, then yes, maybe, just maybe it’s the answer for you. Except, there’s no actual gain. Sure, you can tweak it here and there, that’s pretty much a feature most modern blogging tools provides you.

In truth, there’s no reason to use a generator. It won’t make you smarter, or increase your skills ten folds by using one. Maybe it might boost your ego a bit because you are using something average people don’t use.

So I’ll be moving this blog to a dynamic blogging platform. It might be wordpress, or text pattern, or Ghost. I’m still deciding which one.

As for the tone, my bad but I’d rather let people know how I feel sometimes about tools.

Now that that’s been said I had to stop Where’s my package Indicator development as the more I dug the more I became aware that the APIs offered were a different type of beast.

I have to do a few arrangements to prepare this site to migrate to whatever blogging platform I choose and that means handling assets is going to be a pain.

I’ve some ideas cooking as well, my quest on learning C++ hasn’t stopped either so we are good in that area.

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