Ubuntu 14.10 privacy issues

There’s something that has been bothering me over the last three weeks. The default permissions offered by Ubuntu are incredibly permissive and anyone sharing a computer or laptop wanting to have some privacy is screwed by it.

How is it that a relative of mine can just enter my /home folder, snatch whatever file and do whatever he/she wants with it?

The notion itself is crazy, and I don’t know why Canonical haven’t addressed it. In a multiuser environment no one should read/write anything.

This is something OpenSUSE got right, something that Fedora also got right (as far as I remember). But Ubuntu? far from it.

I hope that someday they attend the issue; and yes, I realize I can tweak a few settings and chmod my home folder but that doesn’t make the fact that there is a privacy issue going on.

The key here is that average users have a right for privacy, regardless of their technical knowledge.

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