Weekly Update: Site changes, a look at Fedora 21, and becoming a freelancer

There will be a few changes soon. I’m pretty sure Google algorithm is going to obliterate me thinking I’m some sort of a spam site. Recently I acquired a new domain name which I’ll be pushing forward this month along with a new blog theme. Some of the site’s posts will be reviewed and expunged.

That said. I’m loving my laptop, it might not be the best laptop in the world but I can tell you that the GNOME 3 experience does some good. (Until Plasma 5 becomes stable)

Some of you know that I love Debian and I’ve been using Debian based distributions for a while. I recently installed Fedora 21 on my laptop, my eye as a normal user see it as the following: it’s not that user-friendly, and why do I have to install a script called Fedy to end my griefs…. It’s a can of mixed feelings. Nothing I can’t handle though.

Anyway, I’m preparing myself to become a freelancer as a web developer and tackling traditional application using languages like C++, D, etc. But mainly I will be doing web development.

That’s all for now.

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