Keep the iterations goin’

Alright, I’ve been meaning to sit down and post something not so enlightening; I feel like many of you should know this already, yet there’s always the person who hasn’t sat down to think about it.

The need for more software, the need for more forks, the need for improvements. I’ll be integrating web applications in “software” very, very loosely because at the end this post wants to tackle that too.

Whether you are building a commercial software or open source software there’s always a time where we have to ask ourselves, “has this been done before?”. Creativity is one of the most exhausting tasks in software. Yet, the thing that developers and end-users asks is:

“Why color the wheel blue when it’s already black?”, or “this has been done before. There’s blogging software a dime a dozen doing the same functionality”.

True, so true. I’ve stumbled upon so many blogging software solving different scopes and Content Management Systems that seems to focus so much on the internals while leaving the user interface in poor state.

If a software works for you, hurrah, that doesn’t really mean we should stop developers from wanting to improve, innovate products regardless if it’s commercial or open source.

You know that awful feeling when you are proud of your work yet you get shut down because “it has been done a million times”. I know, it strips you from any emotion you had about it, thus abandoning the project or half-assedly work on it.

Thing is, it serves as a purpose of growth from all the trials and errors. The developer grows, he or she might have not launched a successful product but the experience had was there, and that says a lot more than the people mindlessly attacking it.

More than that. Maybe a feature has been added that was never seen before in a workflow. Or the developer altered the workflow in such a way that it’s a delightful experience to use, yet the end-users doesn’t have all the features they have from X software that has been in the game for a whole decade.

So to sum it up, we need more iterations, more forks, more innovation out there. It might be a camouflaged wheel under the hood, who knows though, maybe that wheel can get you to your goals faster than the old trusted brand.

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