As for theme development, it’s time to say good bye?

I feel like front-end development in general doesn’t suit me. I think I should refine the scope of what I just said: Web Designing in general is a job I don’t want to keep pursuing.

After I released the theme In Touch for Ghost Blogging Platform there was this awful feeling of dissatisfaction. I can keep creating themes just fine and keep going till I capture a tiny portion of the market. Creating themes on a high-level is easy, creating to push innovation is hard and most of the time unrewarding itself as you can’t match the prices the market out there normally has.

I’ll be available for hire, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. Although I’ll be focusing on desktop and mobile development for now. The more proficient I become in C++ more doors will open for me. Generally, I want to keep a good knowledge of C++ and C#/XAML.

I’ll be pushing the last fixes for intouch. I noticed there are like 2-3 problems with it that are visible.

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