There’s nothing more frustrating when you find out you have miscalculated something. In my case, I’ve miscalculated the time left in college. I’m not doing bad in college myself, plus my GPA is pretty high right now to even worry about failing (and I’m always on the lookout if I get a bad grade). College isn’t as challenging as I wanted it to be, regardless there’s no time for petty grievances.

So it turns out that I miscalculated my time in college. I still have to tackle eight courses, the good news is that out of eight I only have to do 2 courses that are related to my major. The others are pretty much generic courses.

This really put me against the wall in a way. I wanted to finish already, send my CVs to the U.S and be done with it.

Not everything is gloom though, it also means I have plenty of room for improvements. It’ll also give me time finish some business here with the family.

As for live outside where I live. All I hope, or well, all I want is to meet great people out there.

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