C++ Adventures is not over. Soul searching, however, is still ongoing.

What’s up! Fellow readers, if I have any.

So, basically I’ve been chilling out; well, not completely. I’m still taking care of a few real life stuff. I did get to play a few games and watch some TV series.

I needed the break, plainly simple. C++/Qt5 managed to overwhelm me, and that’s okay. You won the battle C++, that doesn’t mean you get to win the war. The funny thing about C++ is that once you think you understand it, somehow it manages to confuse the heck out of you at the end.

I’m somewhat back, meaning I’m becoming better and better handling aspects of myself that I’d love to get rid of. Bad habits die hard.

That said. There will be a domain name change coming soon. And I’m going to hate every bit of it. Why? There are links linking back to this very domain from other linux communities. I know how to set up a redirect through Nginx (or apache for that matter); easy task, just not one that might cover all the issues.

Only thing I’m going to be yelled at is “I USED WGET AND THE DOMAIN STARTED REDIRECTING TO THIS ONE.” Sorry about that, in advance. This is the last domain name change I’ll do. Pinky promise.

I have some subjects to talk about as well so hopefully I’ll go over them next month. I’d like to do a theme change.

I know this post is messy, it’s supposed to be. Hard to write a post about random events and link them together.

See you people soon enough.

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