A glance at Monodevelop

Monodevelop has grown to something really beautiful, at least what I’ve used is less buggy than the previous version where it wouldn’t even add a reference properly, and by properly I mean actually include it in the autocomplete, do the whole reflection of the classes I’m working on, etc. I’m no C# developer, don’t even… Continue reading A glance at Monodevelop

Simplifying the design

Recently I got all excited on my progress with C++. Sometimes when there’s a blocker in your way and you can’t tackle it with your current knowledge then it’s time to sit, and think of a different strategy. In my case it was a case of selfishness and petty design that led me to this… Continue reading Simplifying the design

Toying with QML StackView

I didn’t have time to program today, I had to attend to some issues that’s been piling up. So, basically what I did today was part of what I’m going to do in the application I’m building. Now that I got most of the puzzle complete I have to sit down and do some design… Continue reading Toying with QML StackView

Working with YouCompleteMe + Vim + Clang/Cmake + Tmux

Recently I’ve had this idea of using Vim to continue development on my application. Most of the development is done in my desktop where I sit and fight wars with QtCreator. Now, there’s something I really enjoy about using YouCompleteMe is on how incredibly fast it is. The subsequence algorithm it uses is perfect (for… Continue reading Working with YouCompleteMe + Vim + Clang/Cmake + Tmux

C++ Starter: Memory leaks

C++ Adventures is a section where I mostly speak of my encounters and struggle while learning the C++ language. This section by no means may contain insights of C++ as a language, or any factual content that may be used as a point of discussion. I’m just a penguin on a journey. Yesterday I spent… Continue reading C++ Starter: Memory leaks

My initial views on QML

My preconceived notions of technology have led me to really stupid decisions in the past. I’m a fool, a blithering fool. With that opening I hope to at least share some thoughts on QML. My first view on QML wasn’t proper, it was all doom and gloom when I saw QML was some sort of… Continue reading My initial views on QML

C++ Starter: I’m still awful

The most awful thing you can do is mistake C or C++ as your typical high-level language where’s everything is managed for you. Sometimes the hours spent in figuring things out can be incredibly rewarding and every little breakthrough I make, while not remarkable in comparison to other people who have been in the grind… Continue reading C++ Starter: I’m still awful

C++ Starter: A new road ahead

I’m spent. Pretty much all day I’ve worked to migrate from Ghost blogging platform to WordPress, and you know what? It was worth doing it. I’ve learned from mistakes, really stupid mistakes I’ve come to realize later on. And yet, I still have energy to talk about something I’ve been building for a few weeks… Continue reading C++ Starter: A new road ahead

The quickest way (at the moment) of importing your Ghost blog to WordPress

To commemorate my sudden switch to WordPress I’ll give you a small hint on how to get your data exported rapidly through RSS. All you need to do is open is edit [GHOST FOLDER]/core/server/models/post.js look for the text // Set default settings for options, you will see the limit is set to 15, alter that… Continue reading The quickest way (at the moment) of importing your Ghost blog to WordPress

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