The quickest way (at the moment) of importing your Ghost blog to WordPress

To commemorate my sudden switch to WordPress I’ll give you a small hint on how to get your data exported rapidly through RSS.

All you need to do is open is edit [GHOST FOLDER]/core/server/models/post.js look for the text // Set default settings for options, you will see the limit is set to 15, alter that to “900000”.

Restart ghost server, go to your site and save as the feed. You will notice all your posts are there.

There’s a gotcha: No images will be imported (of course, this is a RSS file after all) and no tags will be imported (sounds fishy on behalf of RSS importer, maybe a bug). As to why I did it… well, let’s say I wasn’t satisfied with Ghost and its dashboard leaves more to be desired. I wasn’t planning to spend the next hours writing an importer because honestly I don’t have many posts, and the hours spent wasn’t going to cut it either.

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