A glance at Monodevelop

Monodevelop has grown to something really beautiful, at least what I’ve used is less buggy than the previous version where it wouldn’t even add a reference properly, and by properly I mean actually include it in the autocomplete, do the whole reflection of the classes I’m working on, etc.


I’m no C# developer, don’t even ask me about Gtk; usually I try to stay away from it. I find Qt to be a better toolkit, of course that’s my opinion. Anyway, let’s go back to the not being a C# developer. Well, as you see in the screenshot I toyed with Gtk containers, which by they way they are incredibly straightforward to use–added some widget elements to my little app, even a Pixbuf to show my love for wrestling.

All in all? I love it. I would love to do something serious with C#/Gtk/Monodevelop in the future. I feel like I can actually work with it now.

C# has always had that elegant feeling into it, like something Java developers would crave for. winks We’ll see how things go from here, so far I’m going full force with C++ and I’m not planning to drop it. I did, however, took a little break because I needed to cooldown and see an issue with fresh eyes, such is the nature of threading, and by no means I’m doing something complex.

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