You know, never in my life I considered myself a classical music (using the term as macro) guy in the term that I never spared a thought about it. These days I would take my time going through the various artists Spotify lines up in their “Related artists” section. Amusingly all began in a “silly way”, I was binge watching Your Lie in April and some of the works that were performed during the series were to my liking. I should say that when I say “silly” I think there’s this preconceived notion that if you are inspired through a medium that is meant to be pure entertainment somehow it makes your experience “less” than others.

I say this because obviously I wasn’t raised listening to many classical figures–that at a mere second of playing the tune many in the scene would recognize it–no, nothing of the sort. I got interested in it because I watched a anime series, which I recommend to anyone with an interest in the medium.

In the past though, I have shown great affinity to progressive metal, jazz… so thinking about it it might not have been as incidental as I previously thought, or maybe it was. Who’s to know.


I started cleaning today found textbooks lying in my shelve and on the floor I was quite surprised that there were some I’ve forgotten about like Mastering Regular Expressions and Guide to Japanese Grammar. At some point in my life I do want to learn Japanese, like any language it’s overwhelmingly complex; I know there are people born with that gift of learning any language in a short time, sadly I wasn’t born with a gift like that. This year my goals strays far away from learning Japanese, sadly, mostly because I have to focus on other matters I want to take care of.

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