6 months ago I started this personal project

It feels like forever.

Even if it’s all I talk about in this blog I have I decided to keep going with this as if I kept pondering whether to do it or not I would have never been at this stage.


I refactored and added plenty of code this week. Refactoring because let’s be honest when I’m faced with a new framework and a new language I’m bound to code little building blocks of what we call “experiments”, the very nature of not knowing pushes you to make spaghetti code in some aspect but you must be always willing to part ways with your old code and refactor as much as you can.

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Yes, yes. Give into the “Yes!” chants. (Daniel Bryan if in case you aren’t into the whole wrestling thing).

After refactoring, implementing new code, and deleting old code it feels oh so much better than before to the point that I feel pretty satisfied of my work so far in the app. I think what I’ve learned throughout the whole journey of this will be invaluable in the future if you consider the investment in C++ and Qt worth it that is, which to me it is.

With the changes I’ve done I can finally concentrate on the interactions between the database backend and the models involved so it’s always synchronized.

In a related note, I must say I’m impressed by the blazing speed of SQLite/Qt in general. I still have a few worries about it but… so far it’s been a pretty darn straightforward easy to use abstraction.

Thing is I’m doing my best to keep a good pace and finally finish it. I hope all my efforts eventually pays off, if not… I won’t really call it a failure as I gained so much in the process.

Time will tell..

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