Another take at const-correctness and “optimizing” code.

Most of what I did today was cleaning code… or refactoring code. I wasn’t happy with the current codebase as in there were a lot of copies of strings being made instead of simply making references and that’s what made it so unsatisfying as I was duplicating codes of data.

One of the aspects of my application is that most of the time I don’t need to modify data thus using const & comes handy most of the time plus it helps the compiler as much as it helps me if I make a wrong assignment if(cookies = cream). It took me like 2 hours to fully refactor the codebase … I wouldn’t even call it refactoring at this stage as nothing needed to be moved away.

After I was done with the task I sat down, scratching my head wondering why do I have so many unneeded objects in the heap. Well, the wonders of both C and C++ is having the ability to write your allocators and how you literally manage memory. Objects in the heap–mostly created by new–can be harder to keep track and free in a large codebase, thankfully shared pointers, scoped pointers have been introduced, and yet, people like me still use naked pointers–sorry, at least give me points for doing my homework.

Interestingly while I’d dare say with my naked eye I’ll say that the app launches faster. However Qt isn’t that forgiving as having QML Engine running can cost you 40-50mb of ram, just starting. It’s actually a tiny price to pay compared to what you get with Qt in exchange. I’m sure I could lower the memory usage but… who knows…

Either way… I must say I’m proud of myself, with the progress I have done so far. To the mere veteran, or armchair programmer it may not mean much; but to me means a lot as I have stayed truth to my goal of learning C++.

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