I hate reformatting.

I messed up my Windows 10 installation a month ago. Basically, the booting time was 2-3x times slower because Windows 10 decided to Installing the boot loader in HDD 2 Installing/Configuring the BCD files in HDD 3 All so it can load SSD 1 It feels like it doesn’t make sense at first but it… Continue reading I hate reformatting.

Thoughts on Dark Souls

I’ve been trying to catch up with my backlog. I’ll be frank, the days of me spending time with games are over; there’s only one mission that has the highest priority and that is to get into a better place in life. But, as some of you know I got a new video card and… Continue reading Thoughts on Dark Souls

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Goodbye, QML

I’m “abandoning ship” and hopping on Xamarin/Microsoft bandwagon on creating mobile apps with C#. It pains me to say that getting things to work requires a lot of effort with QML. I feel like there’s so many, many things it can do yet it tries to be so many things. At the end of the… Continue reading Goodbye, QML

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Looking for a new home

Recently received an e-mail by Digital Ocean that they will be removing the credits soon so that they can re-purpose the servers. The decision mostly affects students (like me), so soon enough I will be making a backup of the compressed archives I have published here. As for this blog? I’m not sure where to… Continue reading Looking for a new home

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