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A few weeks ago I wrote about completely stopping creating content for I realized that I wanted to keep creating content and be more active in different communities, share what I have discovered and enjoy doing the process of content creation.

This site will stop being about my life, programming, and career related stuff. The content I mentioned just now will be moved to a different domain while I repurpose to focus on different entertainment mediums: anime, manga, games (and keep alive linux gaming), and tv series. Part of me already think it’s a good idea to keep two different things completely separated and at the same time I wonder if it would lean itself to be more of a “reactionary” type of content where I react to things and they come. I’m sure I’ll come up with a way to even the process.

How often the site will be updated will solely depend on my free time. I’m not getting any younger, my life priorities have changed completely. I’ve had to leave communities and other things to achieve (usually) a short term goal or just move on with everything else going. What I’m trying to say is that while I’m happy I’m doing this I’d also like to focus on other aspects in my life like losing weight, traveling to other countries and well, see other things.


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