As time passes I’ve found myself liking to hunt deals. I like buying extreme cheap, it’s satisfying. Oddly enough, I don’t do it because I want to be frugal. It’s amusing to be honest as I just keep this extreme, obsessive behavior of trying to find the cheapest price on items that would normally cost $853 bucks for example. My last deal hunting I found a really nice desktop priced at that price for $200. It was oddly satisfying. 

It doesn’t take long for relatives to comment on how crazy cheap it is. Or “how did I even find it?” I wish they’d stop for a second thinking it is easy. Keeping track on every little product ID is not easy. Doesn’t matter if you have automated it, there’s just too many IDs for one person to track and your attention is sometimes drawn to other things that you may feel you need. 

But, going back to the frugal part. I don’t consider myself frugal. I like to pay the right price whenever I feel it. If I want something, like an iPhone X, I’ll wait for a BOGO and get a relative onboard for it. Now, that’s just an example, but basically I don’t think I ever had this need to be frugal. Deal hunting isn’t about being frugal, at least to me is not. 

Deal hunting for me is a hobby. Sometimes I take that hobby to the extreme. I’ve drove 60 miles just to find out that they no longer have the product. That’s okay. You are not meant to win every round when it comes to deal hunting. There are many players out there and I just happen to be the one that has this obsession with tracking prices and checking the market. 

It’s fun nonetheless. There’s a thrill to it honestly, especially when you are around the clock where things are being cleared out. I just saw a 50″  1080p TV go on clearance for $50. But nobody knew that. The store normally doesn’t advertise such sale and I imagine there are perfectly sound reasons for it. You don’t want to generate that attention. You don’t want to create a “good” habit of making people wait for a clearance. You have black friday but to be honest there’s a lot of pitfalls with black friday. Simply put, you don’t want to buy something that might end up 75% discounted. 

What’s the deal then? Well, in my defense it’s a hobby that keeps me busy. Sometimes I make some money on the side, sometimes I don’t. It’s a nice exercise for people that don’t go out much as it incentivize them. 

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