2019 has been one of the hardest year of my life

At some point in your life you come across a series of choices on how you want to continue your life. In truth, these choices are always available to you at any time and it’s up to you how you want to proceed. 2019 has been a beautiful year of growth. It has also been a very painful year, especially on all things related to my health, both mental and physical health were impacted.

It wasn’t the best. I wasn’t the best. It just wasn’t the best year.

What makes a year good?

For me, it’s finally having the courage to throw all the baggage I’ve carried for so long in my life. It broke me, it was the heaviest of the heaviest, and yet I still carried so much of the pain and anguish. From the past, present, and future. Some of the most painful moments in my life were the ones that never happened. It was just created from anxiety and depression. Some moments were real as well, and they were equally painful.

2019 is itself the end of an era for me. The final chapter to a badly written book with really bad characters in it.

 I really look forward to the following years, because they are going to be amazing and not because I say so but because I can finally walk the path I want to walk. Steer where I want to steer. See what I want to see.

To experience the world for the first time without the shackles of judgement is what I’ve wanted. I’ve judged myself harshly through this decade more than I have judged anyone in my life.

2019 is itself the the end and the beginning.

So for the following years all I can hope is that every year is met with many events. I want to enjoy my time with friends, family, and take as many decisions of what I want to do free of judgement. Whether it’s a good decision or not, it matters not.

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