Learning 日本語「Japanese language」

Hopefully I wrote that right in the title. The featured image is by Freebird_71 under Creative Commons license.

So, I am thrilled and also committed to the notion of learning a new language mostly because while not only it allows me to expand my knowledge of learning a third language, English being my second language, the excitement of understand and talking to foreigners is always exciting.

In the past I did try doing my best to learn the language but the motivation wasn’t there. There was a lot of turmoil in my personal life, and honestly the focus just wasn’t there at all for me to even put myself through the grind. Not only that but I felt like I just launched myself at it without organizing and structuring myself a bit more. It’s not just “oh, yea, open a site and learn a few words and now you know everything”.

I’ve been trying a lot of different stuff this year. Some did stick with me others didn’t really stick with me, for example: drawing is a skill that I would love to work on but the commitment isn’t quite there yet. Photography I enjoy doing but it also requires a lot of planning so it’s not something I do often.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that of all the hobbies that I want to work on. Learning a new language, and traveling seems like the calling I want to answer.

Photo by Almir de Freitas

For me using Anime or Manga would be the most crude and lamest reason to learn a language.

My main motivation to learn English wasn’t because I wanted to watch Lost, or Games of Thrones or any series that’s running. For me, a person that was born as a US citizen on an island whose main language isn’t English created a conflict for our future careers.

It was first out of curiosity, then as I began communicating with people from different parts of the world mostly thanks to the internet it hit me that the internet helped me out little by little correct myself, and by trial and error just learn more about the English language and the people who uses it.

But most importantly, it was and it will always be a business decision.

Learning English today open doors everywhere. Especially in the United States, or even United Kingdom. Whether you agree with that or not, if you were born already in a English-speaking country then honestly what I said may be pointless. But if you were born in a different country that speaks Hebrew but all the opportunities are in English-speaking countries then you have to put everything on a balance what would benefit you more in the future.

Photo by cogdo.

So in a way, my reason to learn a new language this time is to talk to more people, to meet more people, to know their views and daily life, to hangout with them and maybe even go to karaoke sing broken English-written songs, who cares, it’s all in the name of entertainment and blowing off steam.

I feel like just using a medium like anime or manga as a reason to learn a language is disrespectful to the country. And this not only includes Japan but any country in the world. I just think it’s a very short-sighted and immature reason, but I get the pulling of doing so, especially from young people that are growing right now and have easy access to anime/manga/series that we really didn’t have back then and where harder to get. The appreciation I have for translators will never be enough for their work on exposing a medium of any kind out there. Be it in Japanese/Chinese/Korean.

I’ve made a lot of accommodations, and I have been heavily putting a lot of hours into this. All I hope is that it goes all well and that my hard work eventually pays off.

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