It’s good to be New (blazingly fast) host


I’ve been meaning to actually move this site to a new host. Not just this site but all the other sites that are under this…. I can say that I’ve been successful and it took me a sweet 3 hours to configure everything.


Now, usually moving large amount of files I don’t even bat an eye to that. I just put my trusty rsync command to do its magic and get all files transferred.

What took me a bit was the MySQL configuration part. Now it actually has more secure configurations so it’s really nice, but…. I had users set to specific IP addresses that I’ve forgotten about. Testing nginx configurations was remarkably fast… to the point I was surprised how little you need to get nginx running. I also have extra users for PHP FPM so they run isolated from everything.

What’s left is a series of doing some security configurations and update the backup script I’ve used for all my sites.

All in all. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Yay me!

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