Sometimes I wonder if WordPress is unbeatable…

For years I’ve been looking at possible replacements for WordPress. I’ve thought about Drupal but it requires too much time to setup to bother. I did like Movable Type when it was open source ages ago but that somewhat died really quick as well… plus you needed to have extensive knowledge of Perl to get somewhere programmatically, something I didn’t have.

Checking other languages like C#/Java/NodeJS seemed to have good contenders… but in the end it was a mix of:

  • How much time do I really want to spend on this?
  • WordPress is extremely well documented with its StackExchange site as a backup if things go wrong.
  • Ghost blogging platform looked like a great contender but at the time there wasn’t much documentation on how to create plug-in. Plus it would defy my “how much time do I really want to spend?”
  • PHP is still one of the easiest language to get around. And like JavaScript it’s also one language you can mess up pretty quickly or misunderstand.
  • In an unrelated note I’ve noticed PHP community has gotten worse? There seems to be a lot of zealots than in the old days when everyone was just happy with what they had. Most of my fond memories with the PHP Community was how open it was to help.
  • In another unrelated note: Python community is still one of the most loving helpful folks beating almost any community. They are chill and ready to help.

Unrelated notes aside…. it seems that even in 2020 WordPress remains to be one of the strongest platforms ever created. It’s easy to get into, easy to work around changes, easy to do stuff.

If you have any open suggestions just let me know below if you ever stumble upon this article.

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