Maybe that idea you have had for years isn’t a bad idea, so why not commit to it?

Photo by duncan c (Flickr)

Photo by duncan c.

I like to think I have a very good imagination. It fuels me when I’m being creative, it creates a spark within me. I guess, my inner mind, or whatever you want to call it keeps popping them up from time to time.

I like to think that everyone goes through this. The voice just keeps bringing up old ideas I’ve had. Deep down I think they would be super fun to do. Whether the people like them or not I do not know. I think the last thing want to think about is if other people like it. As to why, it’s very simple. When you create things you are creating things you want to create. The moment you start creating things because people like them I feel everything becomes a chore to do.

Whether the idea is to throw it at the market and see what happens or not ultimately you are creating something because you want to create it. Obviously there’s always the business side of things and that’s a whole other type of thought process.

I guess after many years I’m actually baffled that old ideas I’ve had for applications or games keep resurfacing.

There’s a lot of way things can go wrong.

You implemented the first stage of your idea, then what?

This happened to me once but I have gotten stuck in the past with ideas that started really simple and then as I progressed I stumbled upon another issue: “what do I do next with this…?”

Or you can just start toying with the different outcomes

It’s what I usually do when I get stuck and I can’t progress with a problem or a creative issue. If I get stuck, I step back, grab something to it and may widen the scope that perhaps we need to twist it a little bit to give it a new shape.

The biggest reason I’m bringing this is because we are all getting old, honestly.

I didn’t have a lot of things in life. I think a person once in a while stops and wonders if they should continue without ever fulfilling that idea or product you have had in mind. Ultimately it all falls down to regret I believe.

In a sense this summer I did over-commit to a lot of things. Learning Japanese, setting some personal goals I’m currently working right now, learning photography, and learning to draw.

Now for the drawing part I still genuinely suck but I’m also confident that I will get better with practice. I haven’t really given up. I got to the part that I don’t want to watch TV or series and I just want to focus on what I really want to do rather.

Has it been done? So what? Do you know how many series subscribe to the same tropes? Do you know how many Zelda clones are out there and that hasn’t stopped people from buying them or any “clone game” or “clone comic” or “clone book”.

One of the things I learned before I end this post, because some of you are probably wondering “well, you know, this is really common knowledge”. It isn’t common knowledge, and I like to think people need to be reminded. A quick example would be opening nottheonion subreddit and check the titles and wonder if any of the content presented had any common sense? You could argue that the subreddit isn’t a valid option, then I guess you can easily browse the news and see all the news reported of people doing things that don’t have a modicum of common sense in them.

I guess I just wanted to write this off my mind. What is common to you is uncommon to someone else. What you have thought about may be new to someone. So, maybe that idea you have right now isn’t so bad?

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