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As of late I’ve been thinking of expanding this site into something else. It’s been a long time since I’ve done something community-driven and for someone who moderated communities a long time ago I guess there’s a small part of me who feels a tiny bit uneasy.

Well, in general handling people is never easy in any profession.

The Humble Spaces thing is a joke… kinda. I mean, in a sense I’m giving you the space to have your own thing going. I also don’t usually talk much of what I do, I’ve always adapted the idea that it’s always better to speak with actions rather than words. Words are cheap, actions solidifies your commitment to what you have planned. Excitement gets the best of us, and it has happened that sometimes I get overly excited about something and talk about it endlessly but at the end of it it’s all hot-air, nothing. So, in a sense I actually dislike talking about things that I have in mind for the future because I consider it a taboo, consider it something I’ve instilled within me as a code to follow.

I do think it’s the best approach and for whatever it’s worth it’s more of an experiment than anything else. I don’t think I’m going with the mindset that suddenly it’ll be flooded with people.

I ended up choosing WordPress as my go to content management system. I think at some point, and it happened again this year is that I usually prefer to create my own stuff, but the truth behind that is that it takes 10-15x times the effort to just roll out on your own for an audience that may not be exactly there at all.

WordPress fits the bill in almost every area. It’s easy-to-use, it’s manageable, and it has all the tools I need for people to use. PHP 7.4 is around the corner for me, although I could go ahead and make it available for me but I’d rather wait for Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 because it’d be less headaches.

There are some integration things that I want to do to broaden the way the audience share their content. But ultimately, my expectations are that I just gotta keep working on it.

I do subscribe to the ideas of Jeff Atwood. I’ve always wanted to get better at writing, but there’s a huge part of me that fears writing. Quite honestly, you can’t get good at something if you don’t practice every day or at least a few times in a week. And what I mean by all of this is that you’ll see more content from me. I will continue writing more, and I hope that once the site has expanded that you also join me in writing and speaking your thoughts.

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