Hello, WordPress, great to see you again! Development Notes #1

This week has been extremely busy for me. It’s been a while since I worked on the development of a new site. A lot of what I’ve done this week has been pretty much the definition of: “Can I do this with WordPress?” *proceeds to poke the code with a stick*

And so far the answer has been, yes, a lot of the difficulties I’ve thought would cause me a a lot of headaches has turned out to be great, yet I don’t want to make it sound easy either I have spent a lot of time reading documentation and going back and forth with the core code. As to why you wonder, why would you go to the core code? Surprisingly because the answers I seek weren’t found in Google.

A lot of the answers became more of a sales pitch: “Hey, what’s up, my company works on this plug-in it just costs $60 monthly”. Quite frankly I’m not against making a living out of this at all. I’m gearing myself towards this as well.

As I progress I notice a lot of potential that can be untapped with WordPress… it’s actually insane how much you can do with it and the nature of how you do business with WordPress code always feels slightly primitive. It’s like having this piece of software akin to the likes of Slackware which a lot of well-tested scripts to power through the OS, but instead you have a lot of scripts, tiny functions that can be overridden or filtered.

WordPress is honestly a miracle that has stayed glued together.

You still find code from WordPress 1 or WordPress 2 versions and see them hanging around in 2020.

Overall, it’s been a great experience. That were some things with the structures that took me by surprises and in the long run it makes sense to have it that way.

I’ve also been using Visual Studio Code which so far has been a delight to use. I thought about paying for PHPStorm but ultimately…. the experience provided by Visual Studio Code suffices.

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