Development Notes #3 – How easy it is to fall into the “oh, this will be easy” pitfall.

Photo by Trung Le

Actually I never fell for that when I started. Sorry to disappoint you! (Jokes on you though, things can be seemingly easy, sadly, they will still consume a rather large portion of your personal time).

Truth is after doing this for so long you get ideas of how long things will take. Some will require a lot of time, and some will require more than time, it will require a will and motivation to burn through.

Truth is, it’s really, really easy to fall into hype and excitement of things that you are doing. You’ll start to notice that 2-3 weeks later things are still being worked on, and that in truth that idea you had didn’t account for a dozen of things that site owners may require and you have to refactor a lot of code to accommodate to that.

This, to me is the biggest challenge in software development. Starting a product by yourself is not really a joke. It requires a lot of determination, will, if you may, to power through a lot of the things.

And the same goes for theme development has become insanely complicated with an array of devices with different resolutions they have to re-adjust and re-test their things over and over.

There has been a lot of progress regarding development of the plug-in I’ve been working on. I don’t want to say I’ve had to rework the things I’ve been working on. Rather I’ve had to refactor a lot of the code to accommodate future code so that it’s easier to extend. That itself is rather different than reworking because reworking would be something along: “I had to rework X feature because not only it didn’t work as expected or the implementation didn’t work out.”

So, there’s been a lot of architectural changes, if you want to call them that. When it comes to organization PHP is a bit messy. For me, this time I just decided to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t want to get overly crafty. I just want to get things done. Less classes, less overhead, less useless organization.

If in the future I think of reorganizing it I’ll just work on that but I’m not gonna focus on that.

My mindset is about getting things done. Getting to where I want. No more Mr. Fancy. I love being organized, but I also waste a lot of time on said organization because when it comes down to it maybe the architecture you did for it wasn’t quite well-thought out and you see yourself wasting even more time to have a fancy structure.

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