Development Notes #4 Refactoring & Hitting the milestone feels so good

This week I did get to a milestone, one that really makes me feel pretty proud of the work I’ve poured into this. Initially the idea was to do a simple website with simple community tools that I would give to users.

This idea grew into something else.

The idea remained the same. I would provide said tools to all the users, however the methodology of that idea drastically changed because I wasn’t thinking of just “my site” but something else that ocurred to me.

I think, once everything is done I hope to talk a lot more because right now a lot of things are being refactored and changing and yet the idea remains the same.

This week I hit a milestone which left me with the best feeling ever because it was one of the core components I was working on, it was also one of the most convoluted pieces that I had to standardize and normalize because if I didn’t it would bite me back.

So, overall I’m pretty darn happy. The refactoring actually took me 1-2 hours to do because it was a constant struggle of how to manage some things without altering the default capabilities.

Hopefully all this hard work pays off. If not, I can assure you that I’ve hit one item off my bucket list and that is to release a product out in the open.

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