Development Notes #6 Project on hold

I think it should take no surprise that I’ve been a little bit tight on time. And to keep myself from going insane I decided to put this on a little hold for a while and decided to use the remaining time to focus on hobbies in the meantime. Like playing Genshin Impact or any other game.

The reason for this is quite simple. Because there’s quite a lot of back and forth going on with my life at the moment I just thought it was easier to put this on hold and continue it on mid November. I think I have made a lot of progress so I’m not really worried taking a bit of time for myself.

Also, on a fun fact my servers went down and I had to install the servers from scratch so… at times the site loaded extremely slow because the database server was in Italy while the application server was in the United States. I’m finally back online and now I can continue writing posts.

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