New place, who dis?

I think… it’s been quite a hectic week for me. From rushing to set up utility services, to waiting for ISP to install their new service to a whole new ride of emotions after being considered for some things at work… it’s been two exhausting weeks where I feel I’m just wired right now moving earth and sea to get things done.

I feel slightly accomplished… because for a long time I’ve been set to do this. In fact I’ve been wanting to do this since 2014-2015 but life kept getting in the way in the most depressing ways possible. So I had to hold my ground until it was the right time to push for what I wanted. And I feel that everything is paying off… like I feel a bit more complete after achieving these things I’ve been wanting for so long.

So finally, a new place for me to sport. A new whole slew of achievements have been met at work. There’s a lot of things running in the background for me and I think right now I gotta ride this hectic time because I feel if I don’t I would be wasting opportunities and chances to do different things.

I want to get back to my project. I want to do a whole lot of new things and hopefully kickstart my social life in this new town once COVID is gone… but that will take a while.

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