2021 time constraints and laziness getting to me

First post of 2021 and January is already out of the door so fast! I hope you all had a fun end of the year in 2020. It’s been super hard for a lot of people out there with the COVID19 lockdowns.

For me I’ve been super busy at work and contemplating about my professional life and where I want to head this year. I laid out a roadmap for myself that I hope to start achieving eventually. But January is out and that means I just missed a window to learn new stuff.

Btt, these days I’m not really taking things hard. Life’s short and honestly my perspective is just getting done as much as I can humanly can. That’s one of the things that I want to take care of this year and is becoming more human towards myself and just letting things go if I can’t reach a goal.

This month has been pretty busy in different ways. I’m hoping February I can start making some progress towards my goals and see it to fruition. But it also means putting a lot of hours into a lot of things and getting better at managing my time, less procrastination and more doing.

I guess, sometimes depression just gets you to that point where you just don’t want to do anything but to stare at a wall wondering what the heck you are doing with your life, existential crisis mode.

Beyond that, it is my first post of 2021, and hopefully more to come. I’ve been trying to come up with subjects but sometimes due to my mind paying attention to multiple different stuff it just escapes me.

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