Finances, retirement, and hitting the surface of reality- Adjusting my year goals and rectifying my expenses

So, as of late there’s something that has hit me really hard and that is retirement, what’s gonna happen in 20-30 years from here for me. How is the future going to be? Etc, etc.

Now, the reason I started thinking about all this is because of what’s happening in the stock market. Anybody that keeps an eye on the news at least once a week knows that a lot went down on GME(Gamestop Corp), AMC, and the all the cannabis stock.

But that’s what hit me is finding a whole forum of people dedicated to investing, not just for retirement but also future projects and seeing how they profile themselves in the forums have made me realize that I’ve been extremely awful with my money. To the point that my savings aren’t much, but sustainable for a few months as living where I am doesn’t come with a huge living standard.

Having said all that, I’m just beating myself up at how I have poorly managed my money up to now.

I have no retirement plans besides my 401k. I just opened a brokerage account and a Roth IRA account. Where my priority is to max out my Roth IRA contributions every year I can.

Now, this means that my goals have changed from what I was initially set out to do. Which was traveling and learning a language. Now, I can leave traveling for some other time, and still apply learning a language

All in all, this has gotten me a bit angry at myself for just realizing how bad I have been at managing my finances. And to be honest it’s not that it’s awful at all. Like, I just got my own place. But I think I could have expedited a lot of things if I knew how to manage my finances earlier.

I guess, from here on now there’s a lot of challenges ahead and how to recover the initial investment lost on my new place so I can finally begin my goals for the future.

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