Gravitating to normalcy

I can’t say it has been a crazy month for me. At the same time it’s also a month I lost my focus due to things that were happening, and the things that happens sometimes are temporary that won’t span more than 3-6 months.

That said, I’ve been working slowly on getting back to my project and finally having a release date somewhere in August where I can just complete user guide, development guide, and have the content ready for users. Whether I hit the mark or not really depends on how much I get done in the core project. Once the main project is done it’s just a matter of execution.

I’m somewhat mentally tired though. Things sometimes don’t work in your favor. But for me, it feels like sometimes it just never has worked in my favor to the point that I just started accepting that maybe I’m just not meant to have the little joys in life. And given my life, I’m becoming a strong believer that I’m just not meant to do anything great both on a personal or professional level.

Well, it sucks, but it is what it is and going against the flow of life tends to just kick you in the nuts.

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