The alternatives I chose

This week have been pretty nice so far. As I keep educating myself in things the regards privacy I started developing my app, well, resuming development of my app. I got to the point that the decisions so far are sound.

The technologies/services I chose to replace of what I used to use so far…

  • over Dropbox (note, it has a referrer tag. Nothing will happen if you click the link, it will just earn me free space just like Dropbox)
  • FastMail over Gmail
  • Chromium over Google Chrome. I should note that you can indeed get Chromium for Windows. You have to install PepperFlash (easy peasy) for flash support. Go get it!
  • DuckDuckGo over Google

In terms of applications I’ve more or less stayed the same. If it wasn’t for friends and family I would have chosen to get rid of Skype. I think I have taken care of the most crucial parts.


I’m around! I’ve been dealing with some things in real life so it has taken me a great deal of time. Most of why I have been away has been about my health, the other is a moderate burnt out that I’ve managed to get under control.

I’m back to reading Qt documentations. I’ve been fairly active reading Qt Interest mailing list for quite some time, and glancing over the tickets of issues that affect me (like zlib.h not found can’t compile in Windows in general). I’m still pushing myself to learn C++, I think by now “learning” seems like an odd word to use, yet appropriate if you use other facilities provided by C++.

Most of what I’ve programmed have been fairly straightforward. My application is still going strong, just a while ago I managed to commit and push a few pending changes.

Qt 5.6

Qt 5.6 seems to be the definitive version I will be using mostly because it’s the version that will contain complete WinRT support. To me it’s very important to be able to provide my application through different platforms. At the same time Qt doesn’t exactly make it easy if we start talking about in-app purchases that many applications integrate.

Reading list

I’ve managed to get a copy of Effective C++ by Scott Meyers so I have that going for me. All in all a new round is about to start for me to finish my application and finally release it.

C++ Adventures is not over. Soul searching, however, is still ongoing.

What’s up! Fellow readers, if I have any.

So, basically I’ve been chilling out; well, not completely. I’m still taking care of a few real life stuff. I did get to play a few games and watch some TV series.

I needed the break, plainly simple. C++/Qt5 managed to overwhelm me, and that’s okay. You won the battle C++, that doesn’t mean you get to win the war. The funny thing about C++ is that once you think you understand it, somehow it manages to confuse the heck out of you at the end.

I’m somewhat back, meaning I’m becoming better and better handling aspects of myself that I’d love to get rid of. Bad habits die hard.

That said. There will be a domain name change coming soon. And I’m going to hate every bit of it. Why? There are links linking back to this very domain from other linux communities. I know how to set up a redirect through Nginx (or apache for that matter); easy task, just not one that might cover all the issues.

Only thing I’m going to be yelled at is “I USED WGET AND THE DOMAIN STARTED REDIRECTING TO THIS ONE.” Sorry about that, in advance. This is the last domain name change I’ll do. Pinky promise.

I have some subjects to talk about as well so hopefully I’ll go over them next month. I’d like to do a theme change.

I know this post is messy, it’s supposed to be. Hard to write a post about random events and link them together.

See you people soon enough.

Working towards a better social attitude

To me, this is one of the hardest subjects I’ve tackled in my life. Harder than learning a programming language, harder than using a complex application. The results of being a socially inept person doesn’t have to do with “when to keep the mouth shut and show empathy”.

I don’t get people. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the irrational thoughts–and believe me we aren’t stranger to irrational thoughts either. At best we are closer to being irrational more than they are. Getting people is hard, there’s no other way around it.

So what? Well, honestly I feel like the field is full of irrational people, hence why I said we are more irrational than “normal people” that aren’t in our field. We don’t know how to communicate our problems, or solutions.

If I tell a person the most logical answer to an issue that have been giving him/her grief with the family, then, do you think everyone can digest blunt “logical solutions” over a more humane approach?

And that’s what I want to get at. Although we eat logic everyday that does not make us right. If you think handling situations is all logic, then you’ll have a hard time dealing with all the in-between variables that might just become collateral damage due to your blind decision on just using pure logic.

And that was my downfall.

I don’t know how many people I’ve pushed aside, or burned bridges with over the years. The things I do remember I just learn to live with it; there’s no way around it. It’s hard to make friends, real friends. It’s so easy to lose them though, so incredibly easy it’s almost criminal itself.

I just wish that sometimes I could go back in time and change some things. Sadly, the world moves on and there’s no time to spend on “what ifs” or “if only…”. What’s done is done, the show must go on.

That’s why, working towards a better social attitude is the answer to most of my problems. It’s no longer about “how knowledgeable you are” or “how intelligent you are”. If you are incapable of basic social interactions then I feel we are missing something bigger.

Looking for projects to contribute

I guess you could say that this blog has become my little diary to write about my C++ adventures. There’s still a lot to learn; and I think it’s time to get my hands dirty by fixing bugs from other OSS/FLOSS software.

Fun with CPP

Initially my intentions were to contribute to the LibreOffice project, I haven’t forgotten about that. Sadly I need to get the hang of C++ before doing any sort of meaningful contribution.

I’ve been browsing through Github projects to see if there’s a C++ project I could contribute but nothing has piqued my interested.

Fun with CPP 2

As for the images. That’s just me toying around, we’ll see how things go from here. I still need to finish reading Accelerated C++, which I’m not really that far from the end.

If you have any suggestions on which project I should contribute let me know.