Goodbye, QML

I’m “abandoning ship” and hopping on Xamarin/Microsoft bandwagon on creating mobile apps with C#. It pains me to say that getting things to work requires a lot of effort with QML. I feel like there’s so many, many things it can do yet it tries to be so many things. At the end of the… Continue reading Goodbye, QML

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Reducing complexity

I feel awful, yet happy, yet tired. A bit of an annoyance is when you spend hours doing something, then a week or two later you see a new library that does that and simplifies the code greatly; allowing maintenance and readability at the same time. So, take it as you may but if you… Continue reading Reducing complexity

The inadequacy of HTML, delving into C, and pondering remote jobs

I’ve been working with HTML in low-level languages like C/C++ and I must say that it’s been a rather frustrating experience. One would think that the task I’m doing should have been done ages ago, since the conception of the project. Alas, that’s not quite right. What you fail to realize is that you should… Continue reading The inadequacy of HTML, delving into C, and pondering remote jobs

Another take at const-correctness and “optimizing” code.

Most of what I did today was cleaning code… or refactoring code. I wasn’t happy with the current codebase as in there were a lot of copies of strings being made instead of simply making references and that’s what made it so unsatisfying as I was duplicating codes of data. One of the aspects of… Continue reading Another take at const-correctness and “optimizing” code.

Onward, I say!

Writing this as a relief and to vent a bit… I guess. So first of all Happy New Year! Hopefully this year will be filled with pure awesomeness. Secondly, my god managed network requests can really burn you. I stumbled upon two serious bugs, one being that Atom reader wasn’t doing its job properly and… Continue reading Onward, I say!

Implementing TreeView expandAll/collapseAll starting on top-levels

I should start by a disclaimer that I’m neither a C++ or Qt expert, there may be better or elegant ways to do it and I have found this implementation is more straightforward than digging in TreeView’s QML source code. So we have a small problem, the TreeView in QML doesn’t provide any way to… Continue reading Implementing TreeView expandAll/collapseAll starting on top-levels

Bugs, bugs everywhere!

You know one of the most excruciating experience is when you are new to something the first thoughts you will have after analyzing an specification is: Ok, I got this. All I need is this, this and that. In web development, to me, it became something like that. I already knew what to do, how… Continue reading Bugs, bugs everywhere!