Fun with Python3 and PyQT

I guess I should start by saying that I’m using PyQt4 mostly because… well, I don’t have an excuse, just pure laziness when I started writing the code. This is mostly an exercise where I toy with Python and Qt in general; I find it “relaxing” to work on other stuff than eating C++ every… Continue reading Fun with Python3 and PyQT

Pelican2Ghost plug-in released

Pelican2Ghost is a plugin for Pelican site static generator that generates a JSON file so you can import it in Ghost blogging platform. How to use? git clone [email protected]:allenskd/pelican2ghost.git Open your and add PLUGIN_PATHS = [‘/my/base/path’] PLUGINS = [‘pelican2ghost’] For more information please check pelican2ghost Github I found a bug! Please do not comment… Continue reading Pelican2Ghost plug-in released