New host, who dis?

I’m…. incredibly shocked on how easy it has been to transfer this site to the new host. It was quite minimal effort to the point all I had to do on my end was spin up a new container, slap in the current source and just… configure the http front server. The introduction of containers… Continue reading New host, who dis?

iPhone X impressions

It almost feels like a decade. Back then I knew that I would never own any Apple product because I was just too poor to afford anything other than low quality phones. Plus, everyone sort of just wanted to hate on the brand because it was more of a status than anything else. Of course… Continue reading iPhone X impressions

You did what now? So I am now part of the Apple “family” with the switch to iPhone

I know what you are thinking. Them judging eyes, shaking your head in disgust. But why? I grew tired of Android. I didn’t grow tired of Windows 10, heck, I love Windows 10 and I love the new Microsoft, but there is no Windows Phone is there? Google has left me a bit bitter, especially… Continue reading You did what now? So I am now part of the Apple “family” with the switch to iPhone

The quest to eargasm?

I feel like I may have… gone a little overboard on a lot of things. Buying headphones is certainly one of them. In full picture: I don’t consider myself an audiophile or anywhere around that. Heck I could explain right now, or try to, on why I have so many… headphones. Part of it is… Continue reading The quest to eargasm?

GPG keys updated

I’ve updated my GPG keys. I’ve been dealing with a case of losing my secret keys and therefore I can’t retrieve my old keys or do anything with them, I can’t even revoke them if I wanted to (as far as I know). I ended up generating a new pair of keys, this time I… Continue reading GPG keys updated

Ubuntu, you look wonderful!

I’ll probably disappoint plenty openSUSE fans with this post. Yes, I’ve ditched openSUSE in favor of Ubuntu, and I’d like to believe my reasons are sound. { .center } I had problems with openSUSE, mostly with their rolling release which inexplicably I had to spend a lot of time dealing with buggy packages, in comparison… Continue reading Ubuntu, you look wonderful!